Wild Sensing is a project area investigating the use of digital environmental sensors in citizen-sensing projects to study and record flora and fauna activities.

A number of ecologists and biologists now employ sensors to study everything from bird migration to nocturnal badger activity. These projects of monitoring plant and animal activity increasingly incorporate a dimension of public engagement that may consist of repeat encounters with bird camera activity, monitoring of protected elephants in game reserves, or even employing marine animals to conduct underwater sensing activities.

The public or citizen-sensing dimension of many of these projects often involves making relatively remote, protected or inaccessible flora and fauna activity more evident to publics that may be distant from these sites of concern.

This project area considers the technological entanglements of human and nonhuman that emerge through wild sensing projects. Through fieldwork and practice-based research methods, we are conducting a series of walking-seminar events to provide opportunities for experimenting with sensors and for engaging with flora and fauna activities and habitats.

Project Updates

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