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Sensor calibration of the Dustbox 2.0 was undertaken using a TSI AM520 Sidepak. More information on the calibration process is available through our AirKit Logbook. Sensor calibration of the Dustbox 1.0 was undertaken in relation to the LAQN Marylebone reference monitor and through techniques of cross-comparing individual sensors in test and monitoring locations. Sensors will be calibrated throughout designated monitoring periods and in relation to monitoring sites. In some cases, Citizen Sense may make available ‘raw’ LPO data as well as ‘converted’ data so that sensor data can be read in relation to official air quality guidance on limit values. Values can change in relation to ongoing calibration processes, and Citizen Sense does not assume responsibility for these changes.

All sensors will have variability and may drift over time. We look at and compare the variability of the sensors that we have distributed throughout the monitoring period during which sensors are in use. If you have two sensors next to each other it is useful to look at the patterns and see if they match. Numerical readings can be higher or lower across multiple devices with shared patterns depending upon the sensor variability and proximity to emission sources.

All devices loaned to participants, including but not limited to Dustboxes and Citizen Sense Kit, shall remain the property of Citizen Sense, University of Cambridge, and shall be used only for the purpose for which it was issued and shall be returned to Citizen Sense at the end of the hosting period or upon request by Citizen Sense. Participants using devices should refer to and follow the relevant health and safety guidance provided with the loaned material. Citizen Sense, University of Cambridge, will not be responsible for breaches of the health and safety guidance.

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Some of the graphs and plots on this site are produced through the openair tool developed through King’s College London. For more information, see Carslaw, D.C. (2014). The openair manual — open­source tools for analysing air pollution data. Manual for version 1.0, King’s College London. The weather data on this site is drawn from Weather Underground. Please refer to their API Terms and Conditions of Use for more information.

Please refer to relevant licenses on our Citizen Sense Github page for accreditation and use of specific project materials.