AirKit is a citizen-sensing toolkit that allows participants to undertake air-quality monitoring, from setting up an air quality study to building and using sensors, and undertaking data analysis and making proposals for action.

AirKit builds upon prior Citizen Sense research. This ongoing study investigates the role of low-cost and digital monitoring technologies in facilitating and organising new types of environmental engagement.

The AirKit project is funded through an ERC Proof of Concept (PoC) grant (2019-2020). The ERC PoC funding allowed the Citizen Sense group to test and develop a comprehensive citizen-sensing toolkit. Through the ERC PoC, we refined and consolidated tools and methods used throughout previous Citizen Sense research, while expanding into new directions to develop the multiple components of the AirKit toolkit.

For more information, see the AirKit toolkit to access specific kit resources, including the AirKit Logbook, Dustbox 2.0 monitor, Airsift platform, and Data Stories tool.

You can also read our Covid Data Stories developed while building and testing the Airkit. To learn more about the overall process of building the AirKit, see the Project Updates below.

Project Updates

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