AirKit investigates the role of low-cost and digital monitoring technologies in facilitating and organising new types of environmental engagement.

AirKit builds upon Citizen Sense research developed through our urban sensing project area to test and develop a comprehensive citizen-sensing toolkit. The toolkit allows participants to undertake air quality monitoring, from campaigns to sensing, data analysis and communication. The project is funded through an ERC Proof of Concept (PoC) grant.

The AirKit project identifies and develops opportunities for realizing the social, environmental and technical potential of sensor technologies and practices in the area of citizen-led air quality monitoring. While many air quality monitoring projects focus on technical innovation, the Citizen Sense research team develops a toolkit that investigates and facilitates social and technical inventiveness by focusing on citizens’ use of data, connecting to ongoing environmental projects, and collaborating with communities to mobilize data for specific campaigns.

The project focuses developing an AirKit prototype that includes advice on air quality campaigns, DIY air pollution sensors, data analysis tools, data stories, tools and policy guidelines.

The ERC PoC funding allows our team to investigate the viability of the AirKit prototype based on prior Citizen Sense research. Through the ERC PoC, we are refining and addressing technical issues, and consolidating the overall composition of the AirKit.

Through testing new strategies of citizen-led monitoring and data analysis that join up hardware and software developments, we continue to engage in inventive approaches to creating social technologies that emphasize the more-than-technical aspects of community monitoring infrastructures and practices.

Project Updates

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