Joanne Armitage


Joanne Armitage is a Research Associate at Cambridge University working on the AirKit project. As a practice-based researcher Joanne’s work brings together computational practices, sound and feminist STS. This practice involves making, performing and co-creating to explore and unfold our technological experiences. Current projects include Machine Learning Imaginations with Helen Pritchard and Rebecca Fiebrink which looks at embodied and creative ways of knowing and critiquing machine learning techniques. Active as a performer within the live coding community, Joanne has written on failure, gender, technology and code.

Selected Publications

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  • Armitage, Joanne. “Spaces to Fail in: Negotiating gender, community and technology in Algorave,” in DanceCult, 2018.
  • Armitage, Joanne. “The Body in Sound,” Array, 2017.