These videos document a workshop held as part of the event, ‘Who Are We?‘ at the Tate Exchange in March 2017. In the workshop, we explored the question, ‘Who Are We?’ through an investigation of human and nonhuman migrations and ways of tracing these movements.

Developed along with a week-long participatory laboratory on citizen sensing at the Tate Exchange ‘Who Are We?’ programme, the workshop especially focused on the movements of the European eel, an organism that makes its migrations through the River Thames, across Europe, and to the Sargasso Sea. We asked how events such as climate change are influencing nonhuman migrations, and we will explore ways in which eel journeys are traced across multiple environments. This work is part of a larger project on ‘Wild Sensing’, developed as part of the Citizen Sense research project at Goldsmiths, University of London, where we investigate the ways in which organisms sense and biodindicate environmental change and pollution.